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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The DC365 Holiday Gift Guide

There are only 28 shopping days left until Christmas! And only seven shopping days left until Hanukkah. But most importantly, only four days left of NaBloPoMo! So since I made turkey soup tonight instead of doing a Thing, I present to you the DC365 Holiday Gift Guide!

First of all, I recommend doing much of your shopping at the DC365 Shop. That is because a) you won't have to brave the mall and 2) I make money! It's like a gift for the person on you list and for me! This is the one stop shop for any DC-phile. You can get DC-related books, movies and music, guide books and maps, or heck, even a case of Route 11 Potato Chips!

If you prefer actually going to a real location to do your shopping, DC has plenty of funky and unique local shops for all occasions. Teaism sells beautiful and handcrafted ceramics and tea accessories. The Textile Museum gift shop sells scarves, handbags, and interesting books if anyone on your list is interested in fashion or sewing. The Dupont Circle Farmers' Market sells handmade and organic soaps, and also jams or pies that would make a great gift for the host of your next holiday party. I like Kramerbooks or Candida's for buying books and supporting local business rather than chain book stores. And Pulp on 14th Street is the place for unique, funny, or perverted holiday greeting cards.

If you're shopping for someone with a sweet tooth, I recommend Kingsbury Chocolates in Alexandria (and soon Logan Circle, but more on that later). These beautiful handmade truffles, caramels and chocolate bars feature unique flavor combinations like garam masala or cinnamon chipotle or lavender pistachio. Plus, I work there! So you know they're good. The chocolate covered salty caramels are my favorites.

If you're very, very brave, you can always hit the Pentagon City Mall or Tyson's Corner, but I can't guarantee you'll come out of it alive.

What have I missed? Where will you be doing your holiday shopping this year?


Anonymous said...

I plan on checking out the Downtown Holiday Market (how did I not know about this other years?). I like getting presents at the museum gift shops. Olsson's stocks a lot of books signed by the author, which make for an extra-special gift. And the flea market at Eastern Market is a good place to find antiques, art, handicrafts, and other unique things, though it's a little pricey. A lot of the little shops around Eastern Market and in Old Town have gifty things too.