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Monday, August 20, 2007

A Perfect 3 Day Weekend

I have been thinking a lot about mini-breaks. Maybe because Labor Day is coming up. Or because I just came back from a romantic mini-break of my own. Or maybe it's the anything-but-mini two week break I'm gearing up to take next week when I manifest destiny and spend a bit of time on the West Coast. At any rate, I have mini-breaks on the brain.

Are you visiting DC for a long weekend? Maybe you're just thinking of doing so, but don't know what to do in that brief time? Do you live in DC and have stopped seeing the great opportunities that surround you every day? Take a couple days off, and live like a tourist. See the sights!

Below is my idea of a perfect 3 day weekend. If you are visiting for Labor Day, this schedule can be very easily adapted by doing the Friday stuff on Monday. Just be sure you call ahead and make sure everything is open. And a very happy mini-break to you!

DC365's Perfect 3 Day Weekend


Assuming you're driving into town Friday morning, or maybe you live here and you're working a half day, let's start with lunch at Ceiba. Enjoy a mojito, some empanadas and those glorious mussels to really get you in the holiday spirit. Then head down the street the National Museum of Women in the Arts for some culture. Stroll through the galleries for a few hours, and then hit the Cowgirl Creamery for a late afternoon snack at the cheese counter. That evening, take the metro over to Trusty's for a couple drinks and some light dinner. If the Nats are playing that night, it's a great place to watch the game. If they're not, you'll still have a great time playing the free board games.


Saturday morning head over to Eastern Market for a leisurely breakfast at murky coffee. Don't forget to bring your book. After you've had your caffeine, head down to 14th Street for an afternoon at the galleries. That evening for dinner, don't miss Kaz Sushi Bistro (get the scallop ceviche, if it's featured on the menu). Enjoy a Saturday night singing karaoke at the Peyote Cafe in Adams Morgan, and if you get the munchies late-night, be sure to walk across the street for some M'Dawg haute dogs (and yes, vegetarians, they offer soy dog). If you are a man who loves men, or maybe just a person who loves cowboy hats, I'd recommend doing your karaoke at Remington's instead of Peyote.


Start your Sunday morning by having breakfast and a nice stroll around the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market. In the afternoon, head down to the National Gallery and check out the Matisse Cut Outs (and be sure you stop for some gelato in the basement of the gallery for your afternoon snack!). For dinner that evening, head over to Cleveland Park for some delicious pizza at 2Amys, and then finish up your evening on a more low key note by taking in a movie at the Uptown.

For more ideas on things to do by activity or neighborhood, don't forget the DC365 City Guide, which is updated regularly as I do new things. Have fun!


Jason Rosenberg said...

Isn't Cowgirl Creamery closed on Sundays? That's kind of lame. Seems to me that Sundays is when they would do the most business.

dc365 said...

Well that's why I suggested it for Friday! As far as I know, this itinerary would actually work -- everything should be open on those days and times I suggested.