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Friday, August 31, 2007

Introducing...The DC365 Store!

Greetings from the West Coast! Things are actually temperate and...mild here, and I don't totally know what to do with myself without that August humidity to complain about.

So, all this eating out and drinking out and buying cheese for the blog starts to add up. I'm not complaining, because those are some of my favorite pass times with or without a blog. It's just that maybe there is an easy way to earn a bit more cheese and vodka money...

I've but together a little shop of all things DC-related. There you'll find fiction, non-fiction, local music, maps, guide books, movies and TV shows all about this district I call home. It's great for the tourist as well as the local. And there's also some fun stuff on there that I just really like that maybe you will too. Remember my ice cream maker? Well, now's your chance to buy one too!


So I hope you'll check it out, and maybe even buy something. I make a small commission, but it's small enough that I don't want anyone to feel pressured. Then again, it's not the most terrible thing in the world if I pressure you into buying a case of Route 11 potato chips, is it?

If there's anything DC-related that I have not put on there (for instance, I realized I have a terrible deficit of knowledge of local musicians and fiction set in DC) then please let me know and I will be sure to add those missing items to the store.

Thanks for your support! I'll be posting again next week, and maybe an entry or two from a guest blogger or two. Have a wonderful long weekend!