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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thing 78: Flying Fish

Oh dear, life seems to really be getting in the way of NaBloPoMo today, so you guys don't mind if I make this one short and sweet right? I mean, I gave you a bona fide celebrity yesterday, so you'll all be nice and cut me just a bit of slack? Phew.

Flying fish sushi
Besides, there's not a whole lot to say about Flying Fish. It is a perfectly good, perfectly respectable seafood restaurant on King Street, in Old Town. I ordered sushi, which was delicious but not good enough to replace my latest sushi love (in my head, all these sushi restaurants are in a bracket and are in the playoffs. Maybe later during this God forsaken month I will make it real, and download-able, so you can all play along!).

Spider roll at Flying Fish
The spider roll included an entire deep fried soft shell crab and a nice amount of caviar, which I'd never complain about. The Boyfriend ordered at seafood 'shepherd's pie', except in reverse, with a crab cake-like crust and a mashed potato center. He did, however, call the cornbread "industrial tasting," which really says a lot considering this boy would happily eat every meal from the 7-11 if we weren't dating.

The whole place is decorated with an art deco, cruise-ship motif. There are art deco style paintings on the wall, painted by local Alexandria artists. There are rich tiled floors and woven ceiling fans, like I imagine may have been in a British colonialist's bungalow in Kenya at some point. Brightly colored fish swim in brightly colored tanks throughout the restaurant, putting hungry restaurant goers in the mood to eat them.

Art deco at Flying Fish
Flying Fish is the perfect place for a party comprised of sushi eaters and non-sushi eaters, as it's seafood offerings are drawn from all cuisines and range across all levels of cooked-ness. It's also a nice alternative if you don't want you seafood, starches and candy bars deep fried across the street.