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Monday, November 19, 2007

Thing 84: The Shenandoah Brewing Company

As sprite correctly guessed yesterday, the big spoon was used to stir a large kettle of soon-to-be-beer at the Shenandoah Brewing Company!

I learned of SBC a while back from a friend who had mentioned in passing that it would be a great place for a second or third date. And I'm here to report back that yes, it would! Back in my dating life, this would have been a different and creative date. The whole process takes about two and half hours, during which there is ample time to talk and get to know each other. There are fabulous SBC beers on tap, food and munchies, sodas brewed on the premises, and even board games to play while you wort is simmering away. And -- and here's why you'd want it to be a second or third date, because you'd have to be sure you want to see that person again -- you go back in three to twelve weeks and bottle five cases of your very own microbrew. How cool is this place? It's even metro accessible! A short stroll from Van Dorn Street.

The process goes something like this: you show up and pick out which beer you want to make. They have about 80 recipes there, any of which you can modify to your liking, or you can even just describe a beer you like, or bring in a sample, and the friendly professionals at SBC will work with you on the recipe to achieve your goal.

Then you measure out your grains and hops according to the recipe, and head over to the giant kettles, where your wort is boiling away. You follow the steps of the recipe, stirring with your giant spoon, adding and timing things and whatnot, maybe drinking a pint or two of chocolate donut stout. Then the helpful brewing masters put it in a big giant vat, add some magical yeast that will make the beer become, well, beer, and then you kick the vat back and forth to ensure it's probably agitate and aerate your brew.

You can even design your own labels, if you are brewing for a special event or holiday party.

This is such a fun and friendly place, and for any beer aficionado or home brewer in your life...well, a gift certificate from SBC and your Christmas shopping can be done before Black Friday.


C said...

Wow, I had no idea that place existed! I wish I knew someone who would want to go there with me.