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Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Boyfriend's Favorites

Today we are celebrating the Boyfriend's birthday. Yay! And of course we are doing fun DC things. But between planning birthday surprises and making two cakes (because the first one was...I don't want to talk about it), I don't have much time for this blog a day thing.

So in honor of the Boyfriend's birthday, I asked him what his favorite Things have been so far. And he said:

  • 18th Street Lounge: Although I, er, had to leave the party a bit early, the Boyfriend was able to relax and enjoy this stately mansion cum night club. If you can find the place, you're in for a fun night.
  • Wonderland Trivia: Enjoy the funky, hipster atmosphere, the cheap sausages, and the damn near impossible trivia.
  • Kotobuki: I am so tickled that he chose a raw fish establishment as one of his favorites. If the Boyfriend can love Kotobuki this much, than anyone will love it, even those who may be lukewarm about the prospect of raw fish.
  • Georgia Brown's: It can't be all raw fish all the time. Georgia Brown's serves up fried chicken and shrimp and grits that feed a hungry Southern boy like the Boyfriend.
  • Apple Picking: Our trip out to Stribling Orchard was so much fun, we both can't wait to go back.
Although I can't tell you where we are going today (I don't want to ruin his surprise), I hope you'll join us in celebrating in spirit at one of his favorite locales.