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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thing 43: The Capital Pride Parade

Well, we already know the end of the story -- I drank a bit too much wine on the street corner, ate a humongous haute dog and went home to bed.

But where did all this madness begin? On 17th Street, to watch the Capital Pride Parade, of course!

It's the most proud, well-dressed-and-yet-tacky, fabulous parade of the year! If you haven't been, mark your calendars for next year and get their early, because this parade puts the others to shame.

Good Friend David and I, along with two of our friends, Stephen and Jenny, chose to position ourselves on the corner of Corcoran and 17th, in front of the McDonald's and kitty corner to the liquor store. Prime real estate.
We're Here!  We're Queer!  We Want Beer!
The rainbowed streets were jubilant and lively. There were the dykes on bikes:

Dykes on Bikes
There was the usual roundup of politicians -- Mayor Fenty, Chairman Grey, all the at-large council members, and of course, EHN, who took time from her busy schedule of not voting to walk the parade:

We love our EHN!

SMYAL was there:

So was PFLAG, always the most poignant of the groups, bearing signs saying "I love my gay son" or "my daughter deserves a wedding, too." There was also the group of children with gay parents, bearing signs of "I love my moms" or "I love my two dads."

I Heart My Moms
There was a whole slew of churches and religious groups, decked out in rainbows, proclaiming that God loves all His children, and that there is room at the table for everyone. I get choked up even now, recalling it, and how every day this country takes a small step towards equality, love and diversity. It's easy to forget sometimes, in the midst of the bad news, but we're getting to the place where people can live happy family lives, regardless of what that family looks like.

Even when it looks like this:

Mama, Papa and Baby
Mr. and Mrs. Leather 2007 came out to play:

Mr. and Mrs. Leather
Results Gym had a huge, multi-tiered, construction themed float, with actual rock hard abs (oh, and the people they were on), doing various fitness activities small clothes. There was a mean looking group of silent men called the "Men of Discipline," and there were loads of fierce and fabulous drag queens. Everyone was throwing out beads, candy or condoms to the cheering (and tipsy) crowds.

Beads, Candy and Condoms
A truly joyous afternoon.

Joy, personified.