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Monday, June 18, 2007

Thing 38: Wolftrap, Revisited

As you have already read, the Wolftrap is my second favorite thing to do in the summer in DC.

I have an addendum for that statement, dear readers, and it is this: the Wolftrap is my second favorite thing to do in the summer in DC...unless it's raining. If it's raining, then it's my 597th favorite thing to do, right between "Take the 70 bus" and "Eat at TGIFriday's."

Last Wednesday, armed with frittata and chocolate dipped pineapple, I made my way back to the national park for the performing arts, this time to see Joss Stone. The skies were looking mighty grey, and ominous dark clouds were gathering to the west. But I soldiered on, in my infinite stupidity. See, I've probably been to Wolftrap about ten times in the last three years, each time with lawn seats and never once has it rained. The odds of this happening are ridiculous -- I'd been incredibly lucky so far. But I had gotten cocky, thinking that rain was an impossibility when I deigned to grace the lawn at Wolftrap. The rain gods sensed my cockiness, and unleashed a mighty storm above my head, just as I had spread out my sheet and started munching my eggs.

I had at least thought to bring my yellow rain slicker, but it did nothing to protect my legs, my blanket, or my soggy supper. I made a break for some shelter.

When Jessica arrived at the park to join me, she found me huddled under the eaves by the food stand, snacking disconsolately on chocolate dipped fruits. We waited out the opening act in relative dryness and then sucked it up and headed back to our waterlogged blanket in time for Joss to take the stage.

Determined to enjoy ourselves, we dug our toes into the mud, huddled under Jessica's tiny lime green umbrella and swigged pinot grigio straight from the bottle (we'd forgotten cups). Joss came out in a bright green mini dress, barefoot as she is wont to be, her wavy brown hair long down her back. Almost immediately she began with "Headturner," my favorite song off her new album, and then worked her way through a two hour set, performing most of the songs from the new CD and some golden "oldies" (of course, she's 20, so her oldies aren't all that old).

The rain let up just as she finished the encore.

Ok, ok, so we ended up enjoying the show and having a great time. In the warmth of Jessica's car's heater going full blast, we had to admit that it wasn't so bad. And I will continue buying lawn seats and pushing my good weather luck. Was it a perfect moment? No. But wet clothes dry, and this way we get a good story out it. And it's definitely better than TGIFriday's.