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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thing 10: Science Club

“I think they could do more with the ‘science’ theme,” I overheard one woman say to another in the ladies room. “You know, like you could drink out of beakers or test tubes, or wear goggles or something.”

The non-tacky exterior of the Science Club.Ah, but that way lies tackiness, and the beauty of Science Club is its unassuming lounge setting and laid back vibe. The only nod to its science theme is a couple of book cases with science texts and some antique scientific instruments. For the most part, it is meant to imitate the small intellectual clubs where you can sip a cognac and discuss the issues of the day.

As I walked up to the unassuming building – you could pass Science Club every day walking down 19th Street and never notice it – I was hoping that my friends had already snagged one of the four tables outside in the front “yard” of the townhouse. Spring fever has taken over DC, what with two days of nice weather in a row, and all anyone can talk about is roof decks, backyards and al fresco dining. My two friends were outside and already one drink in. They work nearby and had popped over at the stroke of 5pm.

The champagne cocktailI ordered a champagne cocktail, a kir royal, that arrived pink and sparkling with a Umm...another champagne cocktail!lemon garnish and slightly acidic bite. With the time change it stayed light until just past seven. Plenty of time for another champagne cocktail (a belini this time, sweet with peach juice and a cherry at the bottom) and a snack off the cheese plate. The cheese plate comes with three cheeses – a soft and mild cow’s cheese, a hard cheese reminiscent of Spanish manchego and a crumbling blue. Garnished with grapes, apples, a strawberry and some thick pieces of toast it was the perfect snack before dinner.

The Science Club hosts DJs seven nights a week, and holds happy hours during the week from 5 till 8, with $3 yeunglings and $4 rail drinks. If you can’t snag a table outside in the spring weather, the three floors of lounges offer plenty of nooks and tables to while away a couple of hours, listen to some music, and mull global warming or evolution over a cocktail or two.
The Science Club: where great research meets great drinks.