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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Thing 52: Meet A Presidential Candidate

You may recall, I once went out for eggs and met ?uestlove. Today, returning to the office from a pudding-buying expedition to the corner bodega, I met...Congressman Dennis Kucinich!

You may remember him from such elections as 2004, and 2008. You may also have heard of him in reference to the "Boy Mayor" of Cleveland, or Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's Official Hopeless Democratic Candidate 2008.

He was enjoying a late lunch with his wife, on the outdoor patio in front of the Greek restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue. I, the political nerd that I am, felt compelled to interrupt them and ask for a picture. They looked only mildly annoyed, but come one, he's at the top of the offbeat celebrity sighting cagetory! I had to ask! And he was happy to oblige. And now I'm thinking my vote is going to Kucinich in '08.

Mostly, I love how much I'm geeking out in this photo.

Kucinich in '08!


Anonymous said...

Aww! I love Kucinich! I think his views are great, even if he doesn't seem to have any name recognition. And people who do know him tend to make fun of him.