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Friday, May 25, 2007

Thing 37.5: Meet ?uestlove

Ok, this doesn't really count as a fun thing to do in DC, but I need to shout this from the rooftops. I MET ?UESTLOVE!! (That's pronounced 'quest love' to those of you unfamiliar with the fabulous Roots Crew drummer). On my way home after the gym, I popped into the CVS at 14th & L to buy a dozen eggs for fritatas. As I was walking out, a towering black man with an unmistakable afro with a comb sticking out of it (yes, he was coiffed with comb!) came sauntering out of a big white van, and crossed my path heading for the front door.

I am master of subtlety. My eyes bugged out of my head. I'm not entirely sure, but I think my jaw physically dropped open.

He noticed this, of course, and reluctantly said hi. I stammered, ", are you guys playing a show here?"

"Yeah, at Love, which used to be Dream."


My eyes were still popping out of my head, but ?uestlove at this point continued walking into the CVS. I tried to decide if I should wait, stalk, follow, request a picture, but after a moment's hesitation I just turned and continued on my home to make fritatas.

In DC, Senators and Congressman are a dime a dozen. So you saw Congressman Grijalva on his way to the gym, or you saw Tom Daschle dining at a sidewalk cafe. Big deal. I spoke to ?uestlove. I win.


Jessica, Mark & David said...

How'd your ice cream turn out? I love the strawberry frozen yogurt recipe, though because I used a runny style yogurt, my first batch tasted like the most delicious strawberry sorbet I've ever had. I'm sure it would have a more frozen-yogurt-type texture if I used a thick-style yogurt. Regardless -- gorgeous and delicious. And yours?

dc365 said...

I've made a strawberry ice cream, and a strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt, both of which are soooo delicious! More about it when I get around to writing up the stawberry festival.

When I first saw your comment, I was really confused. I checked out your profile, and I'm from Corte Madera, so I thought we might already know each other. Turns out, ice cream is what brought us together!