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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thing 115, Revisited: Hillwood Estate Movies and Picnic

The Hillwood Estate One in Ten old movie evening resumed again last Friday, this time showing one of my absolute favorites: How To Marry A Millionaire. Everything I remembered about Hillwood outdoor movies was true: lush lawn, gorgeous grounds, fabulous movies and elaborate picnic setups.

This year, Kate and I brought our A games, after setting up a pretty pathetic picnic last year. This year, after some pretty intensive planning, I think we did pretty well:

A crisp white cloth, assorted crudites and dips, homemade pita, homemade shortbread cookies, sparkling wine. Even candles, china and real silverware. The judges were impressed. Wouldn't you be?
But not only was our spread a looker, but so were we! We were inspired by Marilyn and Lauren and their fabulous outfits and tried to snag our own millionaires.

And for our trouble, we got an honorable mention! Our prize was a goody bag with some Hillwood-themed items, and two free passes to tour the house and grounds! So we will be back to spend some quality time immersed in Marjorie Merriweather Post's impeccable taste and largesse.

Thanks Hillwood!

(If you're hot to buy some of those silver interlocking containers, they're called tiffins and you can find them here.)

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Happy Mommy To Be said...

Rocking the tiffin takes it to a whole new level! Congrads!

KK and Dan said...

Hi, I'm a frequent reader and had to delurk to let you know that your blog introduced us to Urbandare (congrats on your win BTW!!) and were we so disappointed to miss out this year in San Francisco. So, when this ( came up last Saturday, we were excited to enter. And we WON! We're still shocked abou it - but I had to say thanks for the inspiration!!

dc365 said...

you won a $15,000 diamond ring?! wow! so glad i could have even a small part in helping that to happen!