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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thing 120: Good Stuff Eatery

I didn't want to scoop myself, but I went to Good Stuff Eatery about three weeks ago, and also had breakfast with the chef, Spike from Bravo's Top Chef. You can read all about it, along with some of my musings about celebrity chef-dom by clicking on the link below.

Top Chef's Freewheeling Bad Boy Takes His Turn Onstage


BG said...

This is an outstanding review, really well written and both thoughtful and lively. I can't wait to stand in line for one of those burgers on my next visit to DC!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous review! And did I tell you that I got an email back from his sister assuring me that, minus the bun, burgers are gluten-free? Yay! --Jenn