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Friday, September 21, 2007

Thing 63: The Black LUV Festival

Full disclosure: I am not black.

I do, however, recognize that I live in a majority black city. And I also love "black" music (which is now "suburban white" music). So when I got an email about the Black LUV (Love, Unity, Vision) Festival, I marked it on my calendar. Sounds cool!

Also, convenient. It was only a couple blocks from the DC Central Kitchen, on C Street in front of the DMV.

The Black LUV Festival
I arrived just as it was getting started. Meat was going on the grill, sound checks on the mics, and the vendors were settling in.

I took a slow walk up and down C street, looking at the various booths. There were several skin care and beauty products booth, all of which I duly tested, and learned that my natural skin scent is peach. A collection of black-owned businesses including a greeting card shop, DC neighborhood T-shirts, framed art prints and a book shop. And there were advocacy booths -- sensible drug policy, safer sex, voting rights. I chatted with some of the vendors, then followed my nose to the North Carolina BBQ stand. There was also a stand selling BBQ jerk chicken, and another selling giant virgin pina coladas served in hollowed out pineapples, but I wanted a smoked turkey leg and some sweet potatoes. Which I received, in abundance:

My giant smoked turkey leg
I took my tremendous turkey leg over to the small park behind the DMV to listen to the performers, picnicking in the sunshine. Since it was still early in the program they weren't on to the big acts yet, but I got to here some wonderful poetry, along with a singing duet that had a Des'ree/Erykah Badu thing going on that I really enjoyed. And then tiny children took the stage to rap about putting on their seat belts and what would befall a child predator if one came near them.

Sadly, I had to leave too soon. I had hoped to stick around for more hip hop or even go go, but I had to do my girlfriendly duty to ensure the Boyfriend remains well dressed. But I will definitely mark it on the calendar for next year, and stick around for more black LUV.


caroline said...

How did I not know about this? My gf is black and we could have walked to it from our house! Oh well, there's always next year I guess.

I just wanted to let you know I added you to my blogroll. Please take a look at my blog if you get a chance! It's primarily a knitting/crafting blog, but I also write about DC and cooking (I noticed you like the same culinary blogs I do). Hope to see you over there!