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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bored? In DC? Impossible!

I'm 25, and I came to DC eight years ago, for college. Although in college my DC spanned from Foggy Bottom to Dupont to Georgetown, I knew I felt at home in this place and would make it my home going forward. I am continually fascinated by this city -- its colonial, racial, and federal history, its jumble of cultures in such a very small space, its big city opportunities and small town realities. Its obsession with politics. Its free museums. Its stunningly high HIV rate. The vaulted ceilings of the metro and the cheap seats at RFK and the fantastic Jamaican food in Petworth -- I love learning about this district.

So, it was with a little strange that these past two weekends I felt...bored. My boyfriend and I spent the whole weekend on the couch watching TV, reading, napping. I was bored. And then I was angry, because in a city with so much to do, how could I be bored? And thus, was born the blog.

I am resolving to do 365 fun, new, unique-to-DC activities. The idea is not necessarily to do them in a year, but to have accumulated a year's worth of great things to do in DC. And they must be DC-specific. So Ruby Tuesday's is out, no matter how great the new one in Columbia Heights may be. Likewise, hanging out at Starbucks, going to the multiplex or browsing Barnes & Noble. On the other hand, a picnic on the Mall, drinks on the top of the Washington Hotel, and Ben's Chili Bowl are a go. I'd like to be a tourist in my own city, but also know about the little secrets off the beaten path that only the locals know about.

Maybe someday I will even have readers, and they can post their favorite only-in-DC spots and activities. And we can be this neat little community of people who share a love of living in our nation's capital.

And so here's to exploring 365 parts of DC, and never spending one more weekend bored on the couch!


Jodi said...

fab! I feel the same way and this is what I am constantly annoying people about- behaving more at home the same way we do when we travel. This is excellent and I want to play along trying new things too :)

SoxSouthPaw said...

I wish you had continued to post on this subject. As a newcomer to DC (but a prior tourist), I've done all the monuments and museums, and would love to have had an "off the beaten path" guide to the city.

dc365 said...

You can check out the link to my DC365 city guide in the right hand column -- I'm up to 107 things and counting!